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ABYINT Integrity Services Ltd. provides a range of services aimed to assist companies in reducing human integrity risks while doing business in China or with Asia-Pacific entities. 
Our experienced team of experts assists our customers in ensuring that their employees or business partners won't burden their business with excessive costs or unnecessary restrictions.
We are also available to help advise on the many other decisions our clients need to make regarding integrity-based concerns.
We have been helping various multinational companies identify and minimize their risk by looking at threats from both a broad international business environment and local culture-based levels.

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ABYINT is a due diligence services company committed to maintaining business confidentiality. Therefore, we can not disclose details about our clients; still, we can share that among our customers are medium and large companies from a wide range of industries, including technology, manufacturing, logistics, and trading.

ABYINT team comprises industry experts who, between them, have an astounding over 30 years of experience, saving the companies they work with hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. Our team brings together decades of experience in mitigating human error, fraud, and malice risks.

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