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Lack Of human Integrity

When agreeing to work with foreign employees, you need to find out if they are truly reputable. It is risky to go into a business partnership if the only information you have is from a brief synopsis on your sources such as your browser or common social media website. You never know if they are hiding some severe history that was left out in their short description at their resume. To avoid this type of situation, always do your research on a new partner before deciding to go forward.

Many businesses when working internationally chose to work with local individuals because they trust that they will do the work better. They have the necessary understandings, they came from the same culture, they know the language, they are familiar with their country's local law and guidance and better know how to behave in such territory. The very same characteristics that your employees will probably lack. However, not knowing entirely whom you work with can put your company's reputation at risk, lead to financial losses and cause bans toward your activities in this area.

Some businesses, however, rely on AI services that collect massive information and provide meaningless reports. Most AI systems often don't have access to local sources and therefore miss critical data, moreover their main disadvantage is that they often don't recognize critical information, the same information that only experienced persons can identify the risks. Also, AI systems usually missing to translate the information they collect to valuable and insightful reports.

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  • Language barriers.

  • Lack of / not enough control methods for risk prevention

  • Ineffective control mechanisms

  • Lack of access to systems for purposes of background checks

  • Inefficient work processes

  • In-depth lack of knowledge

  • Inability to analyze information
  • Lack of tools and methods for analyzing information and conducting research

  • Inability to conduct investigations

  • Inability to coupe with present risks


  • Limited source abilities and little necessary knowledge.

  • Lack the know-how, capabilities or useful tools.

  • Not being able to identify and prioritize risks in the business environment.

  • Internal control weaknesses that contribute to occupational fraud.

  • Various factors can facilitate a perpetrator’s ability to commit and conceal an occupational fraud scheme.

  • Occupational fraud is frequently undetected and often never reported.

  • Lack of access to local sources

Assessment of potential risks of employees and business partners.

Companies need to make the right assessment of potential risks of external and internal business partners, employees, and affiliates of the company, by employees who are trusted by upper management.

Companies need to detect and reduce losses related to human integrity risks. To do this, companies need to identify employees or suppliers who could steal from the company or compromise the integrity of the company.

Although it can be difficult to detect a potential threat within an organization, a company should do everything it can to reduce risks, especially with regard to anyone who has access to sensitive information.

valuable insights

Accurate business decision-making is impossible without quality information.

When a company decides to use consulting services, it is very important to choose the one who has the maximum knowledge, knows how to search the necessary information tailored to its business needs, those who have access to local sources and knows how to look and where to find specific information, and bring valuable insights that will help businesses to work with that person with confidence.

Businesses must have the right consultation and guidance on fraud risks in the foreign business ecosystem.

ABYINT brings not only data on the table but also the deep insights that will help you to make critical decisions. Moreover, based on our vast experience, we can offer our high-quality consulting to protect your business from fraud and other risks involved in overseas business practices (mainly in China).

Identification of
potential risks sources

Recognition and Identification of potential risks sources is one of the most important matters in every stage of the business workflow. Our services offer to identify and know how to deal with the situation in the best way and the most efficient manner. Plus, updating and improving the company’s management mechanism, which leads to our proven solutions.

" Testimonial Testimonial... Thanks to Abyint I could save my company reputation.... These guys are quick and have deep understanding of what they do."

- Mark Lynden


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